4 Top Tips To Find The Best and Cheapest Rental Car Company in Australia

Have you been frequently searching for the cheapest rental car company? or looking out for the best car rental deals for your trip overseas? This blog will answer all your queries related to finding the cheapest rental car company and best car rental deals while being overseas.

People visiting Australia for the first time have a diverse opinion about this country. Visitors would say that it is too remote, others may think it is full of nature, while others might think Australia has amazing cities, beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle. Regardless of having different opinions, people will agree that Australia is one of the best and beautiful countries which is worth visiting. Australia has a vast territory. Such vast territory that it is considered as a continent. Having such an enormous size of territory means travelling through big cities and many road trips. Long road trips are probably best travelled by renting a car from the best cheapest rental car company.

Australia has different cultures, sightseeing, and incredible architecture. The magnificent sights will make you want to hop from Melbourne to Sidney, to Brisbane, to Perth, and several others in one trip. And because of this, renting a car from the cheapest rental car company might be your best choice.

There is no surprise that car rental service has become the need of many residents and visitors in Australia. People have realised that without personal transport, travelling can be quite a task. But with the emergence of various cheapest rental car companies and best car rental deals, travelling across the world has become easy and less stressful. Hiring the cheapest rental car company will allow you to have the privacy you need.

Below are four best tips for getting the cheapest rental car company every time.

1) Check The Car Rental Company Website

Renting a car somewhere overseas is quite overwhelming. Where to start though? We recommend starting with checking out the best car rental aggregator sites. This provides you with a chance to see several major and cheapest rental car company options at once. Additionally, it also lets you filter the best and cheapest rental car company that allows you to drop the car off in a different country from the place you have rented it. Those under 25 can also filter for companies that allow car rentals for younger drivers. Though keep in mind that there is often an “underage driver fee” associated while looking for the best car rental deals.

2) Compare Rates on the Rental Company’s Site

After you get a quick overview of the options on an aggregator site, don’t decide to book anything just yet. Compare the rates displayed on the aggregator site with the rates on a rental car company’s site. Often you may stumble across any special discount or best car rental deals available on the official site that are not available anywhere else.

3) Avoid Renting From The Airport

Undoubtedly, airports have a captive audience. When you have a captive audience, people can always charge more for almost all things. A similar case applies to car rental agencies based at airports. Most of them even add extra surcharges because they know that they can. One of the best ways to avoid paying extra dollars is to book car rental services at a neighbourhood location (or a location near the airport) instead of directly hiring it at the airport. Sometimes it can be even cheaper to book the rental car at a neighbourhood location than taking a taxi!

4) Skip Insurance and Upgrades!

Many car rental car companies will try to sell you insurance, upgrades, and extra items that are not required. If you have car insurance for a personal vehicle, then it will most probably cover you when you are using a rental car. You can call your insurance agent to be sure.

Here are a few upgrades you should say no to:

  • GPS — Your phone already has navigations apps built-in.
  • Satellite radio — Use your phone to play music.
  • Toll passes — Rarely worth it. Bring a few handy cash in case you have to pay a toll that doesn’t accept credit cards.

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