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Holidays are an exciting time for the whole family, from the planning through to arriving and exploring a new place. Whether you are heading on a luxury holiday to France or taking the family to explore America, you need cheap flights. Finding cheap flight and hotel packages can help you stay longer and explore further giving you a better holiday experience.

You don’t even need to be heading overseas to take advantage of our great flight and hotel packages or deals. At Flight Booking Now, we can help you book your domestic holidays all around Australia. Explore the Great Barrier Reef, take a cruise on Sydney Harbour or explore Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Finding cheap flight and hotel packages doesn’t mean catching flights at bad times or staying in hotels out of town. Savvy travellers know that there are deals to be had and they know where to find them. You and your family can take advantage of these deals and put more money back into your travel budget. Enjoy more meals out or more attractions and tours just by booking cheap flight and hotel packages.

It’s so easy to find cheap flight and hotel packages almost all around the world. Simply plug in your desired destination, and your travel dates, and we’ll do the hard wok in bringing you the best deals from around the world.


One of the hardest parts about booking a holiday can be finding good quality flight, hotel, and car packages. By booking a package you save yourself time and money. Booking these flights, hotels and cars separately can take a lot of time. It’s important that when you arrive, your car hire is ready. You then need to know you can check into your hotel without waiting around. When you need everything to come together, booking flight, hotel, and car packages is better.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should book flight, hotel, and car packages when booking your next holiday. Convenience is one of the biggest reasons – you can book at any time, day or night. You might be booking your next holiday on your lunch break at work. Booking everything in one place while on the go right from your phone lets you get back to enjoying lunch quicker.

Thousands of travellers book their flight, hotel, and car deals through Flight Bookings Now. Why? For one simple reason – there is such a vast selection of options available at the best deals. You don’t need to remember where you found a great price and booking online you can see everything in one place.

Need another reason to book your flight, hotel, and car packages online? You get access to some great deals whether it be from the airlines, from hotels or from car hire businesses. This could include discounts on booking airport parking or holiday activities. Or it might be getting loyalty points, or last-minute deals to your destination.


There are plenty of travel agents out there who could book your holiday for you, but there’s nothing like being your own travel agent. You can plan every little detail of how and where you will travel, with no surprise charges at the end. Or, you can just book your cheap flights and hotels and see what awaits at the other end.

Flight Booking Now has access to cheap flights and hotels from around the world, using a wide range of booking platforms to find the best deals for you. You can find everything you need and create your ideal travel package from start to finish without needing to talk to anyone else.

By booking your travel online yourself, you can spend the time you need to get the cheap flights and hotels that match your budget. Flight and hotel packages aren’t hard to find, and at Flight Booking Now, you can access and book packages without fuss.


Of course, people don’t just travel for holidays. Our flight and hotel packages can be booked for business and corporate travel as well. This saves you money to spend in other areas of your business. Choose from economy or business class flights, or a flexi flight giving you the abilityto change details if required. There’s also a huge list of hotels and other accommodation available to book, central to your business location.

It doesn’t matter how long you need to book for, what you need to book or for how many people. Flight Booking Now can ccommodate your corporate travel needs. You can book short one- or two-night stays, or longer week and multi week stays on our website. We’ll find you the
best prices from a range of suppliers, allowing your travel manager to get more flights booked quicker and easier. With easy-to-understand travel details, your staff won’t miss a flight or go to the wrong hotel again.


When planning a holiday, many people spend some time tracking flight and hotel deals to make sure they are getting the best price for their travel. Prices tend to fluctuate from day to day. If you have time, take a week or two to watch flight and hotel deals on our website. This gives you a good idea of when the best time is to book to get the best deals.

If you have a longer time frame before you need to book, check out your destination for holidays and events which could increase prices. If you want to travel at these times, travelling a day or two earlier or later could make all the difference to the pricing for your flight and hotel deals. With the ability to track prices, you can snap up bargains when they become available.


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Finding cheap flight and hotel deals doesn’t need to be difficult – in fact it can be quite simple. It also doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Imagine being able to book your next holiday or corporate trip on your laptop, phone or tablet from anywhere. Flight Booking Now lets you see the best flight and hotel prices, and book instantly.

Looking to book cheap flight and hotel deals for your next family holiday or corporate travel booking? Flight Bookings Now has a range of flight, hotel and car hire deals around the world.

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